Accounting & Financial Services for Individuals, Families and Businesses.

About JPA

About JPA

Jackman Professional Accounting & Financial
Services is an accounting and financial services
firm serving, business, families and individuals
across the United States. With offices in Boston
and Hyannis, Massachusetts, we are dedicated
to the success of our clients and take extreme
pleasure in working WITH and FOR you to guide
you to financial success

Jackman Professional Accounting &
Financial Services will work with you, to help
you realize where you are now, where you
could go and the options available to you
as a business owner or family, and what
tools to use to succeed.

Accounting Services Boston MA

"I possibly cannot say too MANY WONDERFUL THINGS about Barry Jackman. His professionalism, expertise and commitment to small business owners like myself has been remarkable. In starting my own business 4 years ago, I was lost and needed guidance. Embarking on Barry's good graces has encouraged me and provided me with the CONFIDENCE to continue striving for success. He is truly one of a kind and every opportunity given, I refer him to others."

Our History

Our History

Jackman Professional Accounting began in
2010 with the vision of providing great service
to every client but particularly to families and
small businesses. Almost 10 years into our
journey, we are proud of our work and the large
community we have helped. Our pride comes
from the quality relationships we enjoy with our
clients/partners and the satisfaction they report
about our service.

Our Specialization

Jackman professional accounঞng has
experts in the areas of cannabis financial,
CFO services, crypto taxaঞon, cyber
security and risk audits, tax advisory & business funding.

Our Specialization

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

With a strong and diversified team of
professionals, Jackman Professional Accounting
is customer focused, process oriented and
experienced to get the desired outcome for our
clients. We have staff experienced in helping
businesses start from scratch and achieve
growth and scale. We help business owners in
business planning, help them get the resources
they need for growth, set up systems and
processes to manage growth, then help them
monitor the business for profitability

Our Values

  • Customer Centric Approach

    Customer Centric

    Our goal is to always make sure that the client feels heard and valued. And deliver - on time -the services and best possible results for them.

  • Dedicated Team


    We are a dedicated team of professionals helping business owners grow their businesses through strategic advisory, capital raise, finance, accounting, and tax services.

  • Quality Focused


    Our attention to detail is what makes us different. When you choose us, you're choosing to work with people who are passionate about quality.

Meet Our Team

The team at JPA is a collection of seasoned and dedicated professionals with
long histories in the financial services industry