About Jackman Professional Accounting & Financial Services

An Accounting & Financial Services Firm in Boston & Hyannis, MA

Jackman Professional Accounting is an accounting and financial services firm serving, business, families and individuals across the United States.  With offices in Boston and Hyannis, Massachusetts, we are dedicated to the success of our clients and take extreme pleasure in working WITH and FOR you to guide you to financial success.

Opportunities for financial growth exist within many companies and for many families, but these opportunities are often missed due to the lack of expertise, resources, or experience of many small business owners or families. Many business owners or families do not seize those opportunities available to them simply because they are too busy or because they haven't taken advantage of the immense power a firm like Jackman Professional Accounting can provide for them:  knowledge, alertness, timeliness, experience, and expertise.  Jackman Professional Accounting will work with you, to help you realize where you are now, where you could go and the options available to you as a business owner or family, and what tools to use to succeed. We work closely and quickly with your business management and staff and/or your family to move you to the next level.



Jackman Professional Accounting began in 2010 with the vision of providing great service to every client but particularly to families and small businesses. Almost 10 years into our journey, we are proud of our work and the large community we have helped. Our pride comes from the quality relationships we enjoy with our clients/partners and the satisfaction they report about our service (check out some of our testimonials below).

Our clients/partners demonstrate their satisfaction in the best possible way by referring our services to their families and friends. And we take great care of them all. JPA is a thriving company because of a myriad of reasons, but we believe the three main ones are:

  • We listen to our clients/partners
  • We deliver - on time - the services and best possible results for them.
  • They tell all their family and friends about how well we take care of them.

We are committed to expert work, and we are confident our clients/partners (you) will find that a key ingredient to your continued success! 


Testimonials From Our Customers

“JPA is AWESOME!!! As an extremely engaged entrepreneur, the little but important things can escape you. JPA is AWESOME at getting you prepared for what's coming and keeping you informed. Jackman Professional Accounting is DEPENDABLE! #highlyrecommended!” - E. Davis. Dorchester, MA 

“Working with Jackman Professional Accounting has been VERY REWARDING FOR MY BUSINESS. Their sound, responsive and reliable service SAVED ME TIME AND MONEY by outsourcing some of my most demanding and time-consuming functions. This allowed me to focus on other important areas of the business. I entrusted them with all my Accounting, Tax Preparation and Financial Advisory needs. As a result, my business has grown tremendously! With Jackman Professional Accounting, yours can too!” - T. Rice. Hyde Park, MA

“I possibly cannot say too MANY WONDERFUL THINGS about Barry Jackman. His professionalism, expertise and commitment to small business owners like myself has been remarkable. In starting my own business 4 years ago, I was lost and needed guidance. Embarking on Barry's good graces has encouraged me and provided me with the CONFIDENCE to continue striving for success. He is truly one of a kind and every opportunity given, I refer him to others.” - S. Bokuniewicz. Braintree, MA 

“I am very HAPPY with Jackman Professional Accounting. Jackman Professional Accounting provides very SPECIALIZED SERVICE for all tax needs for incorporation, accounting and taxes. I have referred several colleagues, family, and friends and they are all very happy with the service and expertise. We are very pleased with the professionalism of the whole team at Jackman Professional Accounting. Their response is very timely and they don't leave any loose ends. Barry and his team are very knowledgeable and ethical. We feel we are in good hands. Working with Barry Jackman and his team has made a significant difference to our businesses. Choosing a CPA to represent your company is a very big decision. I have complete trust in Barry.” - C. Ortiz. Jamaica Plain, MA