Tax Resolution Services in Boston & Hyannis, MA

Get help correcting, updating, and resolving issues you have with a tax return that you have already submitted to the IRS.

Overspent or Underspent on something?

Withheld too much or too little in taxes over the four quarters?

Didn't understand or realize a tax law that could benefit or depress your revenues for the year?

Whatever your situation, there are often strategies that can be applied to minimize your tax payment, maximize your tax refund, minimize a tax penalty, negotiate an agreement with the IRS, or devise a plan over several years to ease any burden .  Any given year of your business can get so busy that it's not until the end of the year that you realize there were factors that got overlooked, problems that were missed, or opportunities that were overlooked.

Our accountants can help you identify all of the opportunities and problems, identify the best resolution for them, and help you minimize costs and/or take better advantage of tax opportunities.

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