What is Compliance

To ensure your financial reporting is accurate, you need to have clear processes and procedures for recording and verifying revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities. In accounting, keeping in line with these rules is called compliance.

How we can help you

At JPA, our goal is to be your best partner in financial services compliance.

We work with you to ensure you comply with all laws and regulations regarding accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial audits. Our team of accounting and finance professionals can help you determine the best way to reach your compliance objectives while reducing your costs. Helping you achieve better control of financial processes and developing a stronger understanding of the compliance standards that impact your organization.

Our Compliance Services includes

  • Accounting


  •  Bookkeeping


  • Tax preparation

    Tax preparation

  • Annual Reporting

    Annual Reporting

Here is what our clients
are saying about us

Mountainview Mortgage
Ana Betancourt
05 Dec 2023
Mountainview Mortgage
Boston Financial Center
My wife and I have used their services for over 10years and it has always been more than expected in all aspects of tax planning. Highly recommended!
02 Dec 2023
Mountainview Mortgage
Jessica Quintero
They are professional and they take care of their clients, their staff is kind.
06 Dec 2022
Mountainview Mortgage
Very respectful and responsive to all my financial needs. Since I’ve came to this company they’ve gotten my business back on track with all my financial obligations to state and federal taxes. Now my business able to keep growing and thriving!!
21 Oct 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Live Free
They’ve help me get my taxes in order and also helped my consider how I spend my finances.
06 Oct 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Daneeva Harris
06 Oct 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Pamela Prescod-caesar
We have been clients of Jackman Professional Accounting Financial Services for several years. Barry and his team are consultative, courteous and very responsive. They can manage complex tax issues in multi-state situations and they have your back!
05 Oct 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Marie Bella
01 Oct 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Tanmay Modi
29 Sep 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Brandon Blackman
Barry Jackman has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Understanding, always on time and a very genuine guy. The team at JPA is your best choice!
24 Sep 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Ulanda Oliver Beach
16 Sep 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
C. Evan Anderson
Barry has been wonderful to work with! Has really taken care of my business and made sure I am running things correctly. As a small business owner the accounting details and options can be an overwhelming thing to deal with. it really helps to have an advocate who cares about making my business succeed.
22 Feb 2020
Mountainview Mortgage
Shannon Niles
I've utilized JPA for a couple years now for tax preparation and they've been attentive, efficient, honest, fair, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!
01 Sep 2019

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