Risk Management And Audits

Organizational risks can have ramifications for economic performance and professional reputation, as well as for Business Continuity, Security, environmental, and safety outcomes, and societal outcomes. Managing these risks effectively allows organizations to perform well in an uncertain environment.

JPA provides top-notch risk management and audit services to companies throughout the United States. Whether you need help getting to the bottom of a problem, or just want to make sure your audit and risk management processes are as streamlined as possible, we have a plan that's right for your business.

Audit Services:

The review of existing business processes and procedures and the implementation of new strategies to help create better polices, systems and process enhancement.

Risk Management Services:

Main objective is to improve the internal control program of a business organization in order to manage and reduce risk. Improving internal control includes implementing financial standards, policies and procedures that help business owners make more sound/risk adverse business decisions

Our Risk Management
and Audits Services includes

  • Financial/Accounting Audits

    Financial/Accounting Audits

  • Cybersecurity audits

    Cybersecurity audits

  • Compliance audits

    Compliance audits

  • Market Risk

    Market Risk

  • Liquidity Risk

    Liquidity Risk

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